Inspired by the poetic beauty of early 1940s tattoos and their emphasis on the sensuality of the female form, we partnered with local Brooklyn embroiderer Brian Blakely to create a capsule collection of provocative, empowering sweatshirts. Embellished with hand-made chainstitch patches, each custom design illustrates a classic pinup-girl posing proudly, flaunting the power of her feminine essence. "Me, Myself, and I" additionally features original tattoo art by Bushwick-based painter and tattoo artist Adam Krueger.

Mannino x B.Blakely ft. Erin Miranda Parker.jpg
Mannino x B.Blakely Me Myself & I sweatshirt.jpg
Mannino x B.Blakely ft. Haley Anderson.jpg
Pretty When I Cry sweatershirt - Mannino x B.Blakely.jpg
Mannino x B.Blakely ft. Faith Xue.jpg
Mannino x B.Blakely Knockout sweatshirt .jpg
Mannino x B.Blakely ft. Hallie Gould.jpg
Mannino x B.Blakely Goldilocks sweatshirt.jpg